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A couple news reports have saddened me lately. This morning the news reported that overall sales at B&N are down. I was just there yesterday purchasing Jake Wizner’s Spanking Shakespeare…I’m 1/2 way done with the novel as of this morning! Earlier this week, the news stated that, despite the economy, movie sales are up. What gets me is that reading is such an economical form of entertainment. Buying a paperback book is less expensive than a movie ticket and the entertainment may last days as opposed to a couple hours. The beauty of a book is that you can either spread the joy and give it to a friend or take it to a used bookstore and purchase another book with the credit received. As an English teacher, I try not to take it personally that my kids don’t read, but it breaks my heart every time I hear a student brag that he has never read a book assigned in class. Sigh…I’m going to go on a walk, scrapbook, and then finish my book tonight!

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  1. I am very surprised to read that your books are cheaper than a move ticket. Here, in South Africa I can buy a movie ticket for R25 while I would pay upwards of R120 for a book. Even the cheapest Mills and Boons would be R50.
    How weird is that?

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