There are seriously a million things I should be doing right now…like eating breakfast…but I can’t tear myself away from Studio J!  Here is the first 1/2 of a No Limits layout I created this morning.  I used a free layered Photoshop file I downloaded from the Internet ages ago and clipped my photos to it.  I then turned off all the layers except for the photos and journaling strips.  I saved it as a PNG file (12×12 @ 300dpi) and uploaded it to Studio J.  I dropped it into the No Limits layout which defaulted to a white background.  Text boxes to the rescue!  I recreated the original Photoshop file by drawing boxes and sending them behind my photos.  I even came up with a tricky way to mimic a drop shadow behind the two paper pieces behind the photos.  I’ll make a quick tip video about it later.  Just thought I would share how awesome this No Limits “pattern” is…it really makes me happy that I can use all of CTMH’s licensed images but place my photos wherever I  want them!  Woo hoo!

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