I’ve been fighting a major headache since yesterday so have been sleeping a lot. I’m sorry if you were waiting for my post yesterday! I’ll make up for it by posting two today.

 #12–I’m thankful that Studio J is freely available on the Internet. Anyone is able to sign up for a free account and create to their hearts content without ever purchasing a layout! This makes it a true design studio. I’m able to use Studio J to design layouts that I may either order online or create with my classic supplies.

#13–I’m also thankful that all the licensed CTMH patterns and images are free in Studio J! Not only do we not have to pay for software, we also don’t have to pay for individual kits or images. Many other companies charge per sheet of digital paper or individual embellishment. CTMH is providing all their licensed images to us at no additional cost! As soon as a new Idea Book launches, all the new kits are loaded in Studio J. The only thing you ever have to pay for is the actual printed layout. I wish I felt better, because I would do a cost comparison of other digital scrapbooking programs out there. I think you would be shocked at what a steal we have with Studio J!

I will share with you one of my older tutorials that explains the cost benefits of becoming a member. In addition to all the cost saving benefits of membership, I also provide my members with incentives. I hold a monthly class for members only where we work on layouts and I teach tips & tricks to get the most out of Studio J. I also have an incentive program for every 10 layouts you purchase, I give you a prize…after 50 layouts, you get an album for all your layouts! You don’t have to be local to me to enjoy these member benefits, so I hope you’ll let me know when you are ready to become a member!

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