Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #9—Fits into a Busy Life

The number one complaint I hear from people who would like to scrapbook is that they simply don’t have time. That makes perfect sense…most of us are busy living our lives and creating the memories we want to scrapbook. This is yet another reason why I’m so thankful for Studio J! It saves me time in that I don’t have to figure out sizes or get my photos printed ahead of time, I don’t have to lug out my scrapbook supplies, and I don’t need hours at a time to create one layout. In fact, by simply devoting 5-15 minutes a day, I can complete a few layouts in a week!

Here is my process:

  1. On the weekend when I have a little more time, I go through my photos from the week and decide which stories I want to tell. I then create a new project in Studio J for that story and upload the photos. If I’m not inspired or don’t have many photos from the week, I’ll take a look at some of my older digital photos. 
  2. The next step is to record the memory I want to keep. I open a Word file and type my story. I save it in a Journal folder using the same name as my Studio J project name. 
  3. Those two steps are the “hard” part; with them out of the way, I can start creating my layouts! 
  4. If I’m really short on time, I simply place a project or two in my cart and go through the approval process. If I decide I need to come back to it later, I remove it from the cart. My approved layouts simply hang out in the cart until I’m ready to purchase them at the end of the month. 

Again, with nothing to put away, I can spend 5 minutes on a layout, log off, and come back to it the next day. I don’t lose my train of thought, because the journaling was completed on a different day in one sitting. By completing each task on a different day, I’m able to get my daily scrapbooking fix without devoting a lot of time I don’t have. So, no more excuses about not having time, Studio J fits in to even the busiest schedule!

As I’m exhausted from my busy week and 8 hour drive home today, I decided to focus on journaling. I was reminded of the time my tire had a blowout on the way to Portland and wanted to tell that story. I’ll share the next step of the process with you tomorrow.

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My adventures as a CTMH consultant began in April of 2007. My goal was simply to meet my minimums so that I could enjoy the consultant discount. Little did I know that my passion for the products and teaching scrapbooking and stamping techniques would lead me to so many new friendships. I've had the good fortune to travel to a variety of CTMH events and was even asked to teach at the Studio J Boot Camp in 2011, Convention Extravaganza in 2012, and on the main stage at Convention 2015.

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