I hope that 2012 finds you happy, healthy, and ready to preserve your precious memories through scrapbooking.  I’m committed to making this the year that I tell the stories I don’t want to forget.  I’ve always been an event scrapper, and that won’t change, but I’m also going to capture the small moments that make life worth living.  I’m even going to scrapbook stories that don’t have photos…I know…gasp!  I can do this!
I’m taking the Big Picture Classes course, Twelve, with Stacy Julian.  NOTE:  Just noticed the class is live, so I need to hurry up this blog post!  W00T!  BPC has a Refer-a-Friend reward system.  If you use my code (E5FD6D3E) when you register for your free account on the site, we will both earn a 10% discountafter you purchase your first class.
So, you may have noticed that I took a break after posting my Thankful for Studio J series every day in November.  I was busy working on some Christmas gifts, including this awesome calendar for my mother-in-law.  Here is another reason why I love Studio J…you can create two completely different looks on the same layout using text boxes.  All I had to do was fill the text boxes with patterned paper, change the color of the paper, send it behind the photos, and embellish to my heart’s content.  I’ll post photos of the completed calendar later, but here is a quick look at the layouts.
February & January
(Seriously, how cute is my husband?!)
December & March

April & August

May & June

July & October

September & November

Watch for my newsletter tomorrow as I’m having a Rock the Block party on Saturday, January 14!  I would love for all the locals to join me at my home, but also am going to find a way for you out-of-towners to join in the fun.  Stay tuned.
Also, keep an eye on Jeanette Lynton’s blog.  She is going to announce how her blog readers will be able to participate this year!  CTMH recently announced that they are no longer offering the Make It FromYour  Heart contest for consultants, so my guess is that she will be offering prizes for people who submit artwork based on her blog posts.  That means that EVERYONE will be able to participate, not just consultants!
I tell you…2012 is going to be an amazing year!  Bring it on!  
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