What I learned from Stacy Julian today.

When signing up for Stacy Julian’s Twelve at Big Picture Classes, I was excited and apprehensive about the prospect of taking 12 photos on the 12th of each month during the year 2012.  My doubt stemmed from the fact that my life is really boring.  Trust me, this is not a complaint…I love my life!  The problem is that I’m a homebody; other than work, I don’t get out much.  So, I simply couldn’t imagine that my 12 photos were going to be very interesting.  Yet, amazingly, each day has given me memories I’m looking forward to recording.  For instance, school was released at 10am today because we didn’t have power after the wind storms last night.  That meant that I was free to attend Stacy’s chat this afternoon!
During the chat, one of my classmates asked a question regarding the use of templates or sketches.  The text moved by too quickly, so I didn’t read the entire thing, but it sounded like she may feel a little guilty about using these tools.  Stacy and several of the other participants chimed in with some great analogies.
Stacy likened the use of sketches to using sheet music.  Sheet music provides musicians with the foundation they need until they can compose their own music.  Some musicians never get to that point, and that is okay, too.  The other analogy was that of a cook.  We don’t criticize or look down on cooks for using recipes.  We certainly don’t expect them to become accomplished chefs that can create a delicious meal without a recipe.  So, why do we put so much pressure on ourselves as scrapbookers?
This is one of the things that I love best about Close To MyHeartJeanette’s How-To Books lay out the patterns and tell me how to cut my papers.  She gives us helpful tips along the way and beautiful art that I can scraplift or modify as needed to tell my story.  None of my family members are going to care that I scraplifted the page; in fact, they probably won’t ever know unless I tell them.  It simply isn’t an issue for them.
Now, the one sad thing is that CTMH is discontinuing the How-To Program, and once the books are sold out, they are gone.  If you haven’t picked up your copies, I wouldn’t hesitate.  One of our last updates said that some of the books may be sold out as early as this month.  L
I am a proud scraplifter and embrace that it is part of my process.  Scraplifting and using sketches helps me complete pages because I don’t have to think too much.  It also teaches me new techniques that I can apply to my other projects.  In case you missed it the first time, I’m posting my Confessions of a Scraplifter tutorial.  

After I first posted this, I received a long note from a gal who was trying to build me up and tell me how creative I am.  I do appreciate her kindness, but I think she missed the point.  So many people use the excuse of “I’m not creative enough” as the reason why they don’t scrapbook.  Our great How-To Programs and Studio J have creativity built into them.  I never stress about it.  Instead, I get to focus on preserving my favorite memories and photos!

Now, if you asked me to cook or play an instrument…that would stress me out!

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    March 14, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    Great analogies, thank you so much.


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