A futon covered with scrapbook supplies and layouts that need to be put away

13 in 13 Day 2

day2_01Welcome to day 2 of the 13 in 13 Challenge.  My focus for the week is organization.  My husband finds the lack of a clean surface for him to sit rather annoying.  I really do want him to visit me in my craft room, so my task for today is to clean off the futon.  One would think that would be easy enough to accomplish…one would be wrong.

day2_02I did set my timer for 13 minutes and gave it my best effort.  Here is the crux of this messy issue…I have too much stuff!  The reason it is covering every surface I have in my office is that I don’t have a spot for it to live.  Hence my need for this challenge…I need to do a little crafting every day so that I can move the old product out and clean up my work space! day2_03

So, by the end of my 13 minutes, I had cleaned off 1/2 of the futon and found a home for most of the junk I moved.  I did displace a small pile of documents to be filed.  At least my husband has a place to sit now, so I made some progress!

We can do this!

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