13 in 13 Day 2

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day2_01Welcome to day 2 of the 13 in 13 Challenge.  My focus for the week is organization.  My husband finds the lack of a clean surface for him to sit rather annoying.  I really do want him to visit me in my craft room, so my task for today is to clean off the futon.  One would think that would be easy enough to accomplish…one would be wrong.

day2_02I did set my timer for 13 minutes and gave it my best effort.  Here is the crux of this messy issue…I have too much stuff!  The reason it is covering every surface I have in my office is that I don’t have a spot for it to live.  Hence my need for this challenge…I need to do a little crafting every day so that I can move the old product out and clean up my work space! day2_03

So, by the end of my 13 minutes, I had cleaned off 1/2 of the futon and found a home for most of the junk I moved.  I did displace a small pile of documents to be filed.  At least my husband has a place to sit now, so I made some progress!

We can do this!

Join 13 in 13!

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Have you ever told yourself that you don’t have time to scrapbook?  I’m constantly telling myself that I don’t have time for this or that, but the reality is that I have poor time management skills.   There.  I said it!  Yet, in October, I managed to scrapbook a layout every day…and not just a single page, all but two were double page spreads.  Add to my poor time management skills the fact that I’m the world’s slowest scrapbooker, and this is some kind of miracle (not really…it was Studio J!).  So, I’m not making a New Year’s Resolution, because we all know how that goes.  Instead, I’m issuing a challenge for myself and for you.

In 2013, I will spend 13 minutes a day on memory keeping activities.  You heard me!  I am simply committing to 13 minutes a day.  That is 13 fewer minutes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or in front of the TV.  I’ve got this!  So, the question is, are you going to join me?  I really hope you will.  We can build a community of memory keepers determined to do a little every day to tell the stories of our lives and preserve the memories that matter the most.

So, where to begin?  Organization!  My craft area is a mess after my marathon handmade Christmas.  Unfortunately, the mess has spread to the dining room table and the kitchen counter.  So, the 13 minutes I spent today barely made a dent in my mess.  I have a feeling that I’m going to need to spend more than 13 minutes tomorrow, so it is a good thing I’m still on vacation.  The good news is that we did put away the Christmas tree today, so that was a major start to my quest for organization.

If you plan on joining me, please leave a comment on this post.  My goal is to start a 13 in 13 mailing list and podcast so that I can give you daily prompts.  I look forward to spending 13 minutes a day with you in 2013!

Ready for Some Craft Time

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If you haven’t checked out my new blog yet, be sure to read my “A Big Thank You & Celebration” post! You’ll also get a look at the new CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Collection.  Mine will be here soon; I can’t wait!

I’m really ready to start scrapbooking my Hawaii photos and to finish some pages I’m donating to a friend who recently started chemo for bone cancer.  Her son asked her to create a scrapbook for him, so my goal is to help her make his wish come true.  Sharing our stories with the ones we love is so important!  I don’t have kids, so I think I lose sight of that sometimes.  Yet, I’m the only one who is qualified to tell my story!  I’ll share the layouts that I make for her here.  I’m working on the Technique Tuesday “Live in the Moment” kit by Ali Edwards right now.  The inks that came with the kit are so nice; they are so chalky and smooth and look absolutely beautiful.

More Studio J Tutorials

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I’m really excited about the Studio J tutorials I’ve made over the past couple of weeks.  Studio J is so quick and easy, so it is perfect for beginners.  Yet, it is also ideal for those of us with some digital scrapbooking experience and Photoshop skills.  I’m going to start making tutorials to help advanced users get the most out of their Studio J membership, as well.  Until then, here are the last three videos I created.  Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel, createwithamy, and leave me a comment!

Creating & Embellishing Journaling Strips in Studio J

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I had a great New Year’s Eve with my husband and friends last night.  We always share our goals for the new year, but this time we are finding inspiration from the one little word post by Ali Edwards.  My guiding words for the year are balance and write.  I want to find balance in my life so that I have more time to write!

I created this layout using the new Wings kit that was uploaded to Studio J today.  This paper is so beautiful.  I have the classic paper kit, too, but haven’t cut into it yet.  Here is a video showing how I created the journaling strips and embellished them using staples and thread from buttons.

Face lift courtesy of Studio J’s wrinkle tool!

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I’m so excited about sharing this video with you today.  The photo editing tools in Studio J are awesome…especially if you don’t have Photoshop or another editing program on your computer.  I demonstrate how I can remove an unsightly wrinkle with one of the editing tools built into Studio J…cheapest face lift ever!!!! I’m also happy to report that this video didn’t take me very long to produce and I’m far more relaxed.  That makes a big difference in my ability to find my words.  🙂

Comments and suggestions for future topics are appreciated!

Getting Started with Studio J Part 2

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I finished the second half of the tutorial tonight!  I think I did a much better job with avoiding the “um”s, but there is one really long pause as my mind was searching for a word.  I really wanted to say “rotation thingy!”  I eventually settled on “rotation symbol”–still not the right word, but at least I didn’t say thingy.  🙂

Getting Started with Studio J Video Tutorial

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My login video is a little long winded with an annoying clicking sound.  I think I figured out what that was and fixed it, but now I’m “um”ing all over the place!  I will get better at this with more practice!  This tutorial walks you through uploading photos, choosing a paper kit & pattern, coloring embellishments, and converting a photo well into a journaling box.  Now I’m going to record finishing up the layout!

Again, please let me know when you start playing around with Studio J.  I currently have one friend who is a member, but I would like to hear from more of you.  Send me your questions/needs and I’ll work them in to future video tutorials.

Sign Up for Studio J Online Scrapbooking…it’s FREE!

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Here is my first Studio J tutorial using Camtasia Studio.  There is an annoying clicking sound periodically; I promise to figure out what I was doing and will make it stop.  This tutorial simply shows you how to log in.  I’ll start posting the good stuff tomorrow!  Please let me know when you create an account.  These tutorials will be so much easier to create if I feel like I’m talking to real people.  🙂

Amazing Giveaway on Teresa Collins’ Blog

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Check out the amazing giveaway on Teresa Collins’ blog!  You can enter as many times as you want.  The drawing takes place at midnight MST on Monday.  Good luck, everyone!

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