Snow Day #2

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Low OverheadThere are a million things I could be doing right now to be productive and take advantage of my second snow day. Instead, I’m playing with Photoshop and turning my husband into a comic character!  I followed this great step-by-step Comic Book Photo Effect tutorial.  It includes downloads and links to recreate the photo in the tutorial.  I used my own photo and downloaded some fun comic fonts from

So, you may be wondering what in the world prompted me to create my own comic book photos.  The answer is the new Superhero kit that is about to be released in the Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book!  It is awesome!  Here is a quick sneak peek at one of the projects the CTMH artists made with this fun kit.

Don’t forget that this kit, along with all the new papers, will be released on Studio J on February 1st as soon as the new Idea Book is available to customers.  If you would like a copy of the Idea Book, let me know.

Last Chance to Get Some CTMH Favorites

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There is so much going on with Close To My Heart this month, I’ll try to keep up!

The biggest thing you want to keep in mind is that this is the last month for the Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea Book.  As excited as we all are about a new Idea Book launching February 1st, that means a lot of our favorite papers, embellishments and stamps are retiring as of January 31, 2012.  This is your absolute last chance to get these items, so place your order right away.

I want to give a special shout-out to CTMH consultants Kathleen Stoppelmoor, Cassandra Bennett, and Tamytha Jenkins for compiling this list and sharing it so freely.  If you have ever thought about becoming a consultant, I highly recommend it…this is a friendly group of papercrafters!  Here is a photo of the new consultant kit with some product sneak peeks…shh…it’ll be our little secret!

Okay, so if you don’t become a consultant, you at least need to purchase $25 out of the current Idea Book so that you can take part in the Rock the Block special.  With your qualifying purchase, you get the Collage Cubes and an exclusive E-size stamp set for $15…that is a $30 savings over retail! With all the awesome retiring items listed below, I’m sure you are going to find something you want.

Don’t forget that with a $50 purchase, you get the Stamp of the Month for only $5.

    Studio J Members Score a Perfect 10 in January

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    Click on image to sign up for your FREE Studio J account!

    January is the perfect month to become a Studio J member as you earn a FREE layout with every 9 layouts you purchase.  One perk of membership is FREE shipping each month for up to 20 layouts.  That means you would only need to purchase 18 layouts this month and still get your full 20 shipped in one box.  That would be 40 pages for your album!  That’s a lot of memories you will get to treasure, so get scrapping!

    Happy New Year!

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    I hope that 2012 finds you happy, healthy, and ready to preserve your precious memories through scrapbooking.  I’m committed to making this the year that I tell the stories I don’t want to forget.  I’ve always been an event scrapper, and that won’t change, but I’m also going to capture the small moments that make life worth living.  I’m even going to scrapbook stories that don’t have photos…I know…gasp!  I can do this!
    I’m taking the Big Picture Classes course, Twelve, with Stacy Julian.  NOTE:  Just noticed the class is live, so I need to hurry up this blog post!  W00T!  BPC has a Refer-a-Friend reward system.  If you use my code (E5FD6D3E) when you register for your free account on the site, we will both earn a 10% discountafter you purchase your first class.
    So, you may have noticed that I took a break after posting my Thankful for Studio J series every day in November.  I was busy working on some Christmas gifts, including this awesome calendar for my mother-in-law.  Here is another reason why I love Studio J…you can create two completely different looks on the same layout using text boxes.  All I had to do was fill the text boxes with patterned paper, change the color of the paper, send it behind the photos, and embellish to my heart’s content.  I’ll post photos of the completed calendar later, but here is a quick look at the layouts.
    February & January
    (Seriously, how cute is my husband?!)
    December & March

    April & August

    May & June

    July & October

    September & November

    Watch for my newsletter tomorrow as I’m having a Rock the Block party on Saturday, January 14!  I would love for all the locals to join me at my home, but also am going to find a way for you out-of-towners to join in the fun.  Stay tuned.
    Also, keep an eye on Jeanette Lynton’s blog.  She is going to announce how her blog readers will be able to participate this year!  CTMH recently announced that they are no longer offering the Make It FromYour  Heart contest for consultants, so my guess is that she will be offering prizes for people who submit artwork based on her blog posts.  That means that EVERYONE will be able to participate, not just consultants!
    I tell you…2012 is going to be an amazing year!  Bring it on!  

    Studio J 5-Pack Winner

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    I’m so excited to start this holiday season by giving away a FREE Studio J 5-Pack!  Watch this video to see if you are the lucky winner.  If you missed the chance to enter the giveaway, be sure to subscribe to my blog, Facebook page, and/or Twitter feed so that you don’t miss my next big giveaway!

    CTMH Studio J 5-Pack Giveaway

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    Merry Christmas to the lucky winner of the FREE Studio J 5-Pack! Be sure to follow my blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed so you can enter my next giveaway.

    Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #30—Member Benefits

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    I spent this month sharing with you some of the reasons why I’m thankful for Studio J. On the last day of the month, I’m working on finishing up my layouts so that I can enjoy one of the perks of membership…free shipping! I love that I only have to purchase 4 layouts to receive free shipping but can fit as many as 20 in one box. That’s 40 pages for my albums and I don’t have to pay a cent for shipping. Woo hoo!

    Today is also the last day to sign up for my Studio J 5-Pack giveaway by leaving a comment on the blog post that started this entire series, 30 Reasons Why I’m Thankful for Studio J. I will post the winner tomorrow evening!

    Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #29–Warning Symbols

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    I’m thankful that Studio J gives me warning symbols when I’m using low quality photos.  When I try to resize a photo that doesn’t have a high resolution, Studio J pops up the yellow warning sign.  I’m even more thankful for the fact that I can simply ignore the warnings and that they won’t print on my final layout.  Sometimes I don’t mind having a blurry photo on my page because it tells a story.  In this example, the images on the right were a screen capture from a TV station aired over the Internet…it’s not surprising that the quality is low.  Yet, I’m still going to use the photos, because it is a record of my brief experience on Star Trek: Enterprise!

    Don’t forget to leave a comment on the giveaway blog post to have a chance at winning a FREE Studio J 5-Pack (includes 5 layouts, page protectors, and shipping).  With only 1 day left, your chances are really good as there are only 19 comments on that post, so hurry up and click on over there!

    Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #28 ~ Photo in Multiple Wells

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    Studio J gives us lots of ways to create visual impact with our favorite photos.  A fun technique involves placing the same photo in multiple photo wells to create an enlargement of the photo.  In the Grill Masters layout, I love the focal photo of my husband showing off pans of freshly seasoned beef.  Yet, the story is really about how he and my brother-in-law were in a grilling cook off.  I wanted their photo to carry almost equal weight as the focal photo, so I placed it in four different photo wells to create an “enlargement.”  The steps to accomplish this are really easy:

    1)  Select the photo you want to “enlarge” and drop into one of the photo wells.
    2)  Increase the scale until the “ghost” image covers all four photo wells.  My photos are at 220%.
    3)  Move the first photo into place and repeat.
    4)  Once all four photos have been resized, you are able to move them around by grabbing the hand/move icon in the middle of the photo.  A “ghost” image will appear that will allow you to line up all four photos.  It helps to zoom way in so that you can really see what you are doing.

    Don’t forget to leave a comment on the giveaway blog post to have a chance at winning a FREE Studio J 5-Pack (includes 5 layouts, page protectors, and shipping).  With only 2 days left, your chances are really good as there are only 19 comments on that post, so hurry up and click on over there!

    Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #27—Changing Paper Colors

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    Like I showed you yesterday, Studio J gives me lots of creative control.  In classic scrapbooking, if my photos don’t match the paper, I have to turn my photos black and white or sepia.  Not so with Studio J!  In Studio J, I can change my background paper to fit the color of my photos!  I have the entire Close To My Heart color palette to play with…that’s 60 colors!  Now, the only limitation is that we can’t change the color of My Stickease, but with so many other embellishments available to us, I don’t see this as a problem at all.  I would love to see the layouts you create on my Facebook page, so be sure to upload your favorites and show me how you changed the color of the paper on your layout!

    Don’t forget to leave a comment on the giveaway blog post to have a chance at winning a FREE Studio J 5-Pack (includes 5 layouts, page protectors, and shipping).  With only 3 days left, your chances are really good as only 16 people have left comments on that post, so hurry up and click on over there!

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