Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #10—PNG Files

Did you know that Studio J accepts transparent PNG files?  This is so fantastic for those of us who download or purchase digital products online. When you drop a PNG file in a photo well, the background paper shows through.  Here is an example using Katie Pertiet’s Postage Frame Clusters.  I’ve had so much fun playing with […]

Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #9—Fits into a Busy Life

The number one complaint I hear from people who would like to scrapbook is that they simply don’t have time. That makes perfect sense…most of us are busy living our lives and creating the memories we want to scrapbook. This is yet another reason why I’m so thankful for Studio J! It saves me time […]

Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #8—Journaling

Okay, raise your hand if any of this applies to you: You hate your own handwriting, so you don’t journal. You hate your own handwriting but don’t have time to type up your memories, so you don’t journal. You eventually plan on typing up your journaling, so you have a pile of partially completed layouts […]

Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #7—Image Editing

If you have followed my blog or watched my YouTube videos, you will know that I’m a Photoshop fan. I love manipulating photos and have developed some mad skills…here is an example of my lovely hourglass figure courtesy of Photoshop! Yet, even as a diehard fan, I don’t always want to take the time to […]

Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #6–My Stickease as Templates

I’ll share a few more tips about how you can use My Stickease this month, but one of my favorites is to use it as a template for creating other shapes with embellishments.  Prior to Close To My Heart releasing the stitching embellishments, I used a heart My Stickease to create a stitched heart.  Watch […]

Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #5–Stitching

My favorite quote of the day came from my sister who is recovering from open-heart surgery. She stated emphatically, “no one in their right mind should have their chest cracked open.” You think?! Speaking of things that need to be stitched–how do you like that transition–I’m thankful for the stitching tools in Studio J. Prior […]

Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #4–Free JPGs

There is so much to love about my Studio J membership.  From the 1/2 price layouts to exclusive content to free shipping, what’s not to love?  But my favorite part of the membership is the fact that I get free JPGs of every layout.  Within roughly 20 minutes (depending on how backed up the servers […]

Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #3–Crop Bag is Always Packed

My crop bag (aka laptop) is always packed with Studio J!  Life is hectic.  Emergencies happen.  Yet, I want to capture memories in the moment.  Because all I need is the camera on my cell phone and a laptop with an Internet connection, I can scrapbook wherever I am!  This is a layout I created tonight […]

Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #2—No Hassle Photo Developing

I don’t know how you feel about it, but I don’t think there are enough hours in the day.  For about ten years after college, I could live on 4 hours of sleep a night, but things change once you hit your mid-thirties.  I still don’t get enough sleep, so I can’t be bothered with […]

CTMH Studio J Quick Tip #4 (No Hassle Photo Developing)

[svp]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZamIkuQ87w[/svp] Welcome to Studio Scrapping with Amy Ulen! This quick tip video shows you how easy it is to get a perfectly sized photo every time in Studio J. No more wasting printer toner or running all over town to develop photos! As always, you’ll find more information on my blog at http://studioscrapping.blogspot.com/. I hope […]