LOAD #14

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I love that Studio J allows me to tell stories as they happen.  This layout documents the adventures in sewing my crop buddies and I had last night!  Since I’m so enamored with the technique of sewing on pages right now, I added a lot of digital stitching to my Studio J layout.  Plus, how perfect is this Stella kit for telling a story related to sewing?!  I will admit that the stitching around the center die cut was very fussy as I had to lay each one individually, but it is totally worth it.

Karen wanted to recreate the treat bags on page 57. This is a close up shot I took of it at the CTMH convention.  There are so many great reasons to become a consultant, but convention is by far the best!  Not only do we get fantastic training (both lecture and hands on), we get to inspect the Idea Book artwork in person.  I’m already signed up to attend convention at Disney World next summer!

Now that I look at my detailed shot, I am realizing that they used purple thread.  It looked black in the Idea Book.

The LOAD prompt was all about using black and white on the page.  I opted for sepia photos which I feel is close enough to BW!  🙂

Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #6–My Stickease as Templates

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I’ll share a few more tips about how you can use My Stickease this month, but one of my favorites is to use it as a template for creating other shapes with embellishments.  Prior to Close To My Heart releasing the stitching embellishments, I used a heart My Stickease to create a stitched heart.  Watch CTMH Studio J Tutorial #7 (A Few Quick Tips) to see an example of how it was done. 
I also used a large My Stickease to create a heart out of buttons on the High School Graduate layout.  The steps are very simple:
  1. Choose the My Stickease image you want to use as a template and place it on your layout.  Remember that you can grab the rotate button in the upper left corner of the image to rotate the My Stickease.
  2. Select Buttons from the embellishments toolbar and start placing your buttons around the outside edges of the My Stickease image.  Speed up the process by placing the thread in your button, select both the thread and button, copy, and paste.  Both the new thread and button will be selected, so move them into place together.  Don’t forget that you can use your arrow keys to nudge items into place! 
  3. Once your buttons are in place, delete the My Stickease image.  You are left with a perfect heart of buttons.  Add a little more flair to your button heart by replacing a button with a couple flat knot ribbons.
  4. If you want to make sure that all of your buttons are evenly spaced, simply pull a brad onto your layout and use it as a spacing guide between buttons!
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Why I’m Thankful for Studio J #5–Stitching

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My favorite quote of the day came from my sister who is recovering from open-heart surgery. She stated emphatically, “no one in their right mind should have their chest cracked open.” You think?! Speaking of things that need to be stitched–how do you like that transition–I’m thankful for the stitching tools in Studio J.

Prior to the stitching tools, we had to use the threads from the button embellishments toolbar to lay down stitches one at a time.  It was such a long process that I added the Creating Stitched Patterns on Cardstock tutorial to my Fussy Techniquesplaylist.  Several days after I posted the tutorial, Close To My Heart released the stitching toolbar under embellishments!  I couldn’t even be upset that I had wasted time creating the video, because I was so happy to have stitches in Studio J.

Now we can easily add several types of straight stitches (cross, zig-zag, back, running, blanket, and scallop) to our layouts.  We also have pennants (banner, triangle, and scallop) and specialty shapes, such as stars, hearts, posy flowers, blossom flowers, squares, and circles, in a variety of sizes.

By clicking on the layout of my sister in Hawaii last summer, you will see a variety of the stitches in action. 

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the giveaway blog post to have a chance at winning a FREE Studio J 5-Pack (includes 5 layouts, page protectors, and shipping)!

Creating Stitched Patterns on Cardstock Tutorial

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The Close To My Heart Art Department created this darling layout to advertise the June Free-for-All special and lots of people want to recreate the look.  This video shows you how to use My Stickease as a guide for stitching a pattern, crop/resize borders to get a perfect scallop edge, add extra matting to a focal photo, modify the intensity of patterned paper by changing the color (even though the color is the same as the original paper!), create a bow and “wrap” ribbon around paper, and place My Stickease across two pages.  I hope you will let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or on my YouTube channel.

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